Bridging the Gap to Sponsorship: Leadership Development

UNVEILED in collaboration with MIT xPRO

Unveiled leadership accelerator program

In today's data-driven reality, it remains evident that historically marginalized groups face a common challenge: they are often over-mentored and under-sponsored. The collaboration between Unveiled and MIT xPRO addresses this plaguing issue, providing an avenue for individuals from underrepresented backgrounds to access world-class educational courses and career growth opportunities. 

Through the MIT xPRO leadership certificate courses, participants gain a comprehensive understanding of modern leadership principles, strategies, and frameworks, while also developing essential skills for leading diverse teams. The curriculum not only equips individuals with the necessary technical knowledge but also emphasizes the significance of inclusive leadership practices and the ability to navigate complex organizational dynamics.

Bringing together the unique perspectives of MIT faculty members and industry experts, MIT xPRO's leadership courses are specifically designed to empower learners with the leadership acumen needed to solve problems, innovate, and drive change. 

An UNVEILED and MIT xPRO collaboration

The MIT xPRO Learning Experience

We bring together an innovative pedagogy paired with world-class faculty.

PARTNERS Toward inclusion in the tech industry


The collaboration between MIT xPRO and Unveiled promises to be a groundbreaking collaboration toward gender parity in corporate and tech spaces. Our shared goal is to create equitable access to leadership development and career growth by curating extraordinary opportunities to gain skills and knowledge through MIT xPRO's STEM and Leadership certificate courses. This transformative platform will enable talented individuals from historically marginalized communities to thrive in their respective fields.

Ultimately, the impact of this collaboration resonates beyond the individual participants, extending to their organizations and communities. By cultivating inclusive leadership competencies, this initiative contributes to the advancement of diversity, equity, and inclusion in tech spaces, driving positive change toward a more equitable society

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An MIT xPRO and UNVEILED Collaboration